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The Power of Forgiveness

Consider taking some time today to FORGIVE.

Forgive yourself first and foremost.

Forgive yourself from withholding affection, approval and unconditional love for who you are. Fill your cup up and allow those feelings to wash over you. Bask and bathe in that powerful sensation of relief.

Now, take a mental inventory of the people in your life who didn't accept or love you unconditionally.

Maybe it was your mother. Your father. Your siblings. Your teachers. Your boyfriend. Your girlfriend.

Think back to the condemnation, criticism, and disapproval. And, forgive yet again, while telling yourself that people hate, judge, and make fun from a place of fear. It's THEIR fear. See them as scared, little children who are just trying to survive in society.

And send them blessings and love with your whole being.

Revel in the knowledge that you now have awareness. You know you can be in control of your life and your happiness.

You don't need their approval. You only need your own.

Release everyone from the responsibility of fulfilling you.

Set yourself free.

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