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"Let go of the pursuit of perfection. Just keep showing up.

It matters."

 Welcome. I'm so glad you are here.

My focus is personal training and eating psychology. I'm passionate about helping others realize their full potential and dedicated to promoting balance and moderation with the right combination of food and fitness. 

I have helped clients from young to old, those who are injured to those who are pregnant. There is a personalized plan waiting for be well in body and mind.


How can I help? Please get in touch! 


Personal Training

Cyndi Lou offers one-on-one sessions or small group training to help clients develop and maintain strength, agility, and balance in their lives. Training can be in person or online via SKYPE or Zoom for your convenience.


Mind. Body. Eating. Coaching

In person or via SKYPE or Zoom sessions, Cyndi Lou offers guidance and best practices to help clients create a positive approach to eating the foods they love to eat and to avoid the cycle of negative food habits.


Running Coach

Training for a 5K, Half Marathon or Full Marathon? If so, Cyndi Lou can develop a plan for you! Based on her own extensive experience as well training and certifications, you have come to the right place to master your next race.


Love Your Body

How can we make peace with our internal dialogue about body image?


Cyndi shares inspirational stories about her body image challenges and a lifetime of chronic dieting, disordered eating, and excessive exercise.

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